12 Bands that you will not discover on TV3

Bandes i col·lectius musicals

We bring you a varied compilation of bands and musical groups from different scenes that you will not find in the usual media. Turn up the volume!

During the last few years we have witnessed a supposedly sweet moment in the Catalan music scene, countless artists and bands elaborating recurrent and recurrent melodies, Mediterranean lyrics charged with pacifism and false and absurd positivism that are very inconsistent with the moments that we have had to live. Do they concern us? We Dance.

Our media have been in charge of keeping our young people asleep, the vindictive, restless and energetic attitude has been left in the background, we do not criticize, we do not inspect, in fact, we do not mock, we only love. How far has the Doctor Music Festival been, being able to see a NOFX concert on channel 33, that a song that says “I want to be king” is a hit of the moment, or that the Sangraït (our Iron Maiden) fuck down the Palau Sant Jordi. Wonderful 90s… In the 21st century, having a distorted guitar in your band means that you will end up going out to an extreme sports video of the Zapping Zone. In short, you are out.

Open to all genres and languages, from La Flama we want to offer you a selection of bands and musical groups that offer alternative music styles to the panorama that have dedicated themselves to shoehorning us into our usual media during the last years. Let us begin.


1. Guineu

Aida Gimenez. Songwriter and singer, she presents her songs in band format under the name GUINEU. Indie Pop in Catalan with “cuqui” melodies and a “trash” trend (#cuquitrash).
After shitting in putu 2020 with “Putu Any”, she gave rise to her first LP “Forats Negres”. In astronomy, a “black hole” is a region of space from which nothing can escape, not even light. Aida tells us on this album eight situations, eight loops from which she has still not been able to escape.

She is currently working on new songs that will come to light between this year and next, we will hear the first one this March, a collaboration with Joan Colomo who tries to “fix” everything when things don’t go well.

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2. La Tour de Carol

La Tour de Carol is a young Catalan quartet willing to carve out a space for itself in the Catalan music scene, taking its music to all parts of the Catalan geography. His forceful direct and his carefree image accompany some songs with retail and close lyrics that transport us directly to Anglo-Saxon influences such as Jimmy Eat World or Transit.

Themes marked by the importance of melodic guitars perfectly mixed with complex percussion rhythms that force you to enjoy their concerts standing up to delve into their melodic rock suitable for all audiences. This dynamism makes La Tour de Carol a group conceived to live on stage.

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3. Blowfuse

It’s not an earthquake, it’s probably because the Blowfuse is playing near your house.

Blowfuse are one of the bands with the longest journey and history of the country’s punk rock scene. Formed more than 13 years ago by 4 friends in Barcelona, ​​​​we present to you Oscar Puig (vocals and guitar), Sergi Bouffard (guitar), Ricard Bouffard (Drums) and Victor Mañas (bass). Blowfuse are influenced by the wave of punk rock of the 80s and 90s, potentially marked by the culture of skateboarding, they create a unique style mixing the aggressiveness of hardcore with the catchy melodies of punk rock of the 90s and the powerful riffs of rock. more classic.

With three studio albums behind them, having toured extensively in Europe, the United Kingdom or Japan, having participated in festivals such as Resurrection Fest, Punk in Drublic, Punk Rock Holiday or Xtreme Fest, they are currently in the process of playing their fourth album.

Attention: during May 2022 they will accompany Bad Religion on their 40th anniversary in Spanish territory for 8 dates, along with bands like Suicidal Tendencies or Millencolin.

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4. Maluks

Latin and Jamaican rhythms, electronics, drum’n’bass and dancehall. Warm up well because listening to Maluks means that he won’t stop moving his body for a long time. Collective formed in the Benimaclet neighborhood by Núria Pons (voice), Marina Bolea (voice), Laura Honrubia (voice) and Maria Deltell (musical bases and DJ). They all come from a musical background, specializing in different instruments, such as the guitar, the violin or the cello. You can listen to their first release “Som i Vibrem”, where they have collaborations with bands like La Fúmiga, Pupilas, Chalart58 and Tremenda Jauría, on all streaming platforms.

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5. Lád Cúig

The origins of Lád Cúig go back to the year 2005 in Arenys de Munt (el Maresme), but it is not until the publication of the album “Poemas de Desstitución” (2016) that the band acquires a stable formation and ends the search for its own sonority. defining itself by punk/celtic rock, with a clear influence from Dropkick Murphys, combining a forceful sound with root folk melodies. Since then, several tours have taken the band to Catalonia, some parts of the Spanish State and even to the island of Sardinia. During this time, they also released the EP “Nosotros Soles” (2017) and the single “Columnes al Cel” (2020). During this last 2021, Lád Cúig has worked, in the midst of confinements and restrictions, on the recording of a new album, becoming part of the Vallesan punk/rock label Tropical Riot Records.

The first advance single arrived in May and was called “When It Was Dark”, to which “La Canción del Prisionero” was added a month later. In November they release “Ante la Ley”, a single that gives way to the final release of the album “Des de Dins”, a complete work of 14 songs that aims to reflect on the theme of prisons (from which the repression of the State to the emotional and psychological seclusion in which we place ourselves) experimenting with a range of sounds between hardcore and hard/rock but always clearly betting on the Celtic punk/rock that defines Lád Cúig. During the first months of 2022, the group will present the album in various Catalan cities.

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6. La Kurda

La Kurda, rapper, from Manresa established in the Raval neighbourhood. She decides to honor the women of Kurdistan with her stage name, honoring her strength and resistance.
Kurda’s project was born in 2019, capturing boom bap rhythms and her message is steeped in the theme of social denunciation, female empowerment and experiences lived in the Raval.

The La Kurda project, supported by Nyest and Dj-Espera, is a reactionary group where it has had a strong presence and has made itself known this past year, 2021, at numerous rallies and events with a social purpose, and in protesting feminist spaces.

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7. Eterns

Eternos was born in 2018 influenced by the most forceful sounds within punk, from the extinct Misfits to the mythical Sick Of It All, passing through a wide heritage of musical forcefulness.

In 2019, “The world is ours” came to light, his first full-length work, forged with a clear anti-fascist attitude without losing the purest essence of the street.

In 2020 “We will be everything” comes out, an E.P. digital made up of 3 songs, where the character of the band continues to be consolidated.

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8. Pöls

From among the shit accumulated in the Baix Llobregat, with the hope of growing in an environment free of toxicity, Pöls was born at the beginning of 2020. Formed by members of LaPlaga DIY, the project began to get ahead in the Gato rehearsal room, a space released in Hospitalet de Llobregat. At the end of that same year, they released “A crack el Asfalto”, their first album, with which they wanted to transmit a more constructive and optimistic message than the usual in punk.

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9. Anabel Lee

The trio from Terrassa are the new revelation of power pop and yeye rock on the scene. Formed in 2019 in Terrassa by Jordi (drums), Perdi (bass) and Víctor (vocals) they are the indie reincarnation of their previous punk rock band, Malhumorats.

With an LP and a single behind them, in January 2022 they released “Roma Caerá”, a single that very graphically describes the state of mind that for the Anabel Lees is still a prelude to a new stage. If Rome falls, they are ready to dance on its ruins.
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10. Fetus

After making their debut with “El epicentro del fangar” (2017) and being considered a Radical Talent by Time Out with their second album “Terra cocida” (2019), the group from Empordà employs a new assault where they bet on accelerating and distorting the songbook of the last Catalan minstrel, Jaume Arnella. “Bajo, Caballo y Rey” has been produced by Joan Colomo and becomes a tribute that flees from nostalgia to become a frenetic hymn to life. Feto are Adrià Cortadellas (voice and guitar), Telm Terradas (bass) and Adrià Jiménez (drums).

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11. Brigada Moreneta

Brigada Moreneta was born at the beginning of 2016 in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Subversive punk rock, in Catalan and balaclava, takes the legacy of combative groups that have hidden their identity. His characteristic live show is a pyromusical show of unpredictable destruction.

The first work _España 0 BRIMO 2_(2016), later reissued under the name _BRIMO WARS_ (2017), kicks off the band with playful songs, combining irony with social criticism. The song _Sweet Home Errenteria_ was never published on the recommendation of the lawyers themselves.

In 2019, _Construint La Base_ is presented, the first self-released album in physical format. This album is a reflection of what was experienced in the street fight in a convulsive political scene, accompanied by a forceful sound that explores the limits of punkrock.
Brigada Moreneta is currently working on a new EP

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12. Cult of Lion

Cult of Lion was born at the end of 2017 in Vic. Influenced by the English indie, they released their first studio album “Astral Games” in January 2022. They have been locked up in the local for many years finding themselves as a band and being the one who they are today.

Cult of Lion are Ferran Puigdevall (vocals and guitar), Àlex Martín (drums), Manu de Rojas (guitar), Martí Ferrer (bass and backing vocals) and Aleks Locksmith (guitar).

Astral Games is an album made over low heat, worked to the millimeter to sound as close to being at a university party in England where emerging bands from there play, since they really want to travel to those lands where their style surely fits more .

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As you can see, the options are endless, you have them to choose from, from the fiercest hardcore to the most emotional melodies. We hope you have enjoyed and that we have discovered some other project for you. You can leave your proposals in the comments or in our contact form.

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